Where are the deals?

As college athletes are inducted into the influencer industry, I’m cheering for everybody, but cheering even harder to shrink the pay gap.  On July 1, 2021, the NCAA permitted athletes to profit off of their Name, Image and Likeness — most commonly referred to as NIL — for the first time ever. In other words,Continue reading “Where are the deals?”

Last of the Mules

In a beautifully worded article about Simone Biles’ brief hiatus and courageous decision to say “no” when she wasn’t okay, the author wrote, “the last generation of the mules”, when addressing her, mine and Simone’s generation — otherwise known as Gen Z. First, what an image. Secondly, she’s exactly right. We are the people whoContinue reading “Last of the Mules”

Find Your Shore

“We gotta keep pushing, we gotta keep fighting, WE’RE. ALMOST. THERE”  -the fine men of Theta Nu Theta, Stomp The Yard.  You have to keep pushing. You have to keep fighting. You’re almost there. Or so they say. What if you don’t know if you’re almost there? Why keep fighting if you’re punching in theContinue reading “Find Your Shore”

The Curious Case of IT

It’s about time I spoke on the curious case of Isaiah Thomas. As in I-T, the undersized NBA player bouncing around on 10-day contracts, moving further and further away from the stardom he once knew. A knee injury originating from an unaddressed ailing hip changed the trajectory of one of my all-time favorite players’ careers.Continue reading “The Curious Case of IT”


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