Sorry Not Sorry

Dear September,  I’ve exposed the lowlights of our time together in a very public essay (if you can call it that), and I’m wondering why. It was obnoxious, and raw, and disconcerting.  It was the best thing I’ve ever written.  I feel bad, weird, unpleasant, and downright gross about it. Throw some regret in thereContinue reading “Sorry Not Sorry”

Dear September

8.29 at 12 am. An urgent email concerning my placement on Academic Probation—quite the tip off to my senior year. My punishment: a promise to adhere to regular meetings with the academic success center, and an explanation for why my grades had plunged below the 2.0 minimum. AP sounds heftier than it is until youContinue reading “Dear September”


I haven’t written formally since I resumed running around, breathing heavily, and trying to sound normal as the tears roll down my face—“You practice something enough you get good at it”—I’m good at it. I’m good at a multitude of things actually, and this may be hard for some, but I’ve come to terms withContinue reading “‘Normal’”

Get Rich Quick

The good ole “get rich quick” scheme. We’ve all entertained one… or maybe a few more—I don’t know— than we like to admit. Sources say it actually doesn’t work, but let’s for the hell of it, use our imaginations. If everyone is rich, it would simply become a race for who could get richer. PriceContinue reading “Get Rich Quick”


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