In the eighth grade, BK named me “Problem Child”, so yes, “yosoy.pc” was my IG handle for a minute. 

Seven years, and a misspelled word later, there’s a brand. Why APRBLEM?

I dropped the “o” for no other reason than my stylistic preferences, and “child” because it limits our reach [in my opinion].  

Culture tells us to say things that mean the opposite or something other than the words intended meaning, and we do so more than we should. “Bad” is most often a compliment, “tough” has little reference to the difficulty of a situation, and referring to someone as “a problem” is no different.  Where I’m from, and I’m sure in hoods across the country, if someone can do a little something on the court or field, he or she is “a problem”. We wanted to push that beyond the confines of a few lines. You’re a problem if you’re a person who dreams, who acts, and who behaves in accordance with his or her values stemming from deep introspection. 

The reach I alluded to earlier is about having our message and merchandise resonate with people of different demographics. We hope people stumble across this site, with no connection to either of us, buy, read, or see anything, and feel as if they have found a home. This brand saved me, so I’m betting on it doing the same for someone else. 

A little side note….

To the Broken Ones, 

Mr. James Baldwin once said, “The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose”. Absorb and embody this. BEAPRBLEM AND SHAKETHEWRLD.

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