Is Anyone Else Seeing This?

Jordan did a thing, and this thing isn’t something that she is proud of, but there’s no turning back.  The hard thing about hard things is that they usually are necessary, and despite my telling her so, she’s not listening. Today was the first day since she spilled her truth all over her living room floor, and she’s handling it the best way she knows how: barely answering her phone and distracting like nothing else. Oh, and trying not to mindlessly consume anything she can get her hands on. I feel for her, I do. She thinks she’s a head-case, not for feeling how she feels, but because she is now in need of all of this attention. One thing about Jordan is that she practically runs from it, whereas me, I don’t wish for it, but who am I to say no? Scratch that because we all have a right to say fucking no, and to hell with the people who don’t respect it. Speaking of….can you name a serial rapist off the top of your head? Here’s one for you: Thomas Payne. He was the first African-American to walk the esteemed campus in Lexington, Kentucky as a player under Coach Rupp. Double-double aside, brief NBA career aside, guilty in 1977 on two counts. Five years. Then five more for the same crime. Guilty again in ‘86. Parole in 2000 before violating it shortly thereafter.  I can spare you the morbid details of this situation because taking advantage of women time and time again will NEVER sit right with me, and the mere thought pisses me off to no end.

Dale Brown, former LSU Coach, had this to say about Payne: “ He has paid for his crime over and over” and “he was very articulate, very spiritual. I can pick a phony out but he was a really nice guy”. Umm…I’d appreciate it if someone, anyone, could explain what it is that I am reading. I’m sure T. Payne is all of those things the renowned Coach Brown dubbed him, but this is the rhetoric surrounding this situation?!  So he paid the price, so he redeemed himself and he’s no longer a danger to anyone, so he is out to assist at-risk young men, but show me the damn receipts! 

We should all be forgiven for our transgressions, and the weight of those burdens should not be strapped to our backs for as long as we walk this earth, but someone please tell me that this is a joke—a sick one, but a joke nonetheless. It may not sound like it but I believe in second chances. I believe in a rebirth, and change, and all that—I swear it. This though, this is a completely different undertaking.

You know what disgusts me? When people get to walk free after wreaking HAVOC on someone else’s life. Similarly, it troubles me that people will defend and find ways to justify horrendous acts in the name of whatever the hell. Newsflash: Abuse victims, mind-fuck subjects, the good and traumatized and anyone else in between didn’t ask for it. They didn’t want it. Bonnie didn’t want it, Tom. She didn’t and she has not forgotten you and what you have done. I’ll stop here for now before I really go in. 

There’s always a story, and more often than not, we are only privy to the tip of the iceberg; this situation is no different. There isn’t a lot of information circulating but be advised because I’m going to overanalyze bullshit I find in those articles. Why? Because I have time on my hands, and some things to get off my chest. 

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