Am I A Yogi Yet?

I hate routine but I love my yoga. I started today off on the wrong foot because I worked through the morning and thus, put my yoga off—I swear I couldn’t get myself together. I set my alarm for 6:15 am every morning these days. My first class doesn’t start until 9:10 MWF and 9:35 T/TH, so I utilize the time to calm the hell down. Mornings are hectic for me mentally; I used to fear the day ahead. That fear still exists, but yoga seems to be the means by which I can overcome—until the next day that is. 

Self-care is essential in both the external and internal realm. External self-care denotes bubble baths, aromatherapy candles, cooking your own meals, face washes, cleaning your home, regular exercise etc. The more pertinent of the two, and the one more of us need to give ourselves a fighting chance to do, is the upkeep of our intangible spaces. My form of intrinsic self-care is writing be it in my journal, blog posts, or book. Without it, I’d run out of space seeing as though I don’t stop thinking. I’m not complaining, but it gets overwhelming. 

The other day, I had the pleasure of interacting with a respectable human behind a certain personality test that helps teams/groups of all sorts work together—thank you coaches (no sarcasm). He and I worked through my results, and as my Auntie Barbara says, “I’m very disturbed”, as she scrunches her face in disgust or confusion. 

I have never seen something so accurate—astrology aside. Supposedly, my overthinking ability places me in the 1% as far as mental aptitude is concerned. Keep in mind that this is not an IQ test. I’m not a genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess my brain is strong, to speak in laymen’s terms. 

According to this test, I “developed” at the age of 5 or 6, and I’ve clumsily walked through the last fifteen years trying to find my way. There’s oddly satisfying information to share, but all in all, my perspective on these behavior predictor tests has changed for the better. I am all about finding self and being in alignment, and speaking of, I think I should write a little something for my astrology lovers—my fellow Yogis too. Maybe that will encourage dialogue, but then again I am an only child so these one sided conversations aren’t all too bad. 

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