Get Rich Quick

The good ole “get rich quick” scheme. We’ve all entertained one… or maybe a few more—I don’t know— than we like to admit. Sources say it actually doesn’t work, but let’s for the hell of it, use our imaginations. If everyone is rich, it would simply become a race for who could get richer. Price points for luxury items would become otherworldly in number, and again the poorest of the rich would have to settle for the bottom of the barrel. Getting rich quick, if you haven’t won the lottery or a small fortune doesn’t fall at your feet as promised by the will or your trust fund bank statements, is a trick. A trap. 

No matter how you look at it, there is an amount of work involved in the process of acquiring resources, access and an amount of money that could make anyone blush. The athletes? The entertainers? The billionaires? The influencers, even. Please don’t for a second believe that  our beloved tiktok stars are slouches. Neither are the youtube pioneers, nor the insta moguls. The ordinary person could use their means to get the necessary equipment, and concoct a plan as to what content they will create, what they need to produce this content, how and where it will be distributed, what kind of marketing they should do, how much time is to be spent on this per week etc. We could, but we don’t. 

We don’t for a variety of reasons, and more times than not, we find every excuse in the book. We want the ends, but don’t want to face the means. We won’t do the work because it’s too much, too difficult, too time consuming; that’s my favorite comment to squish because newsflash: the time is going to pass anyway. Some like to claim luck. Is it lucky to be born with certain physical characteristics, personality types, or in desirable circumstances? Yes. Hell yes, but it only goes so far. What are you going to do with whatever you were given? Are you going to unlearn the damage that was brought upon you for reasons outside of your control? Are you even going to try? Many people don’t try—that’s how it is. 

So how do you get rich? How the hell should I know. The best I’ve got is to find something you want more than anything and pay the price for it. Pay for it with one less hour of sleep because you need to wake up earlier in the day to get started on the project. Pay for it by running yourself ragged for the greater good of whatever cause rules your mind. However it may look, there’s some price to pay, and it will take time. Overnight success is a myth, but despite this post, the other posts preceding it and those coming soon, we’ll still try to bust it. 

We’ll continue to put money into “get this or that quick” systems. Lose 50 pounds in 10 days. Look younger in two weeks. This is no knock to those who want expedience because I’m one of you, but I don’t have a problem being the bearer of this bad news. 

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