As we welcome 2022, we say goodbye to the dessert round following our entree of less than desirable pan seared salmon. 0/10. Do not recommend. 

In other words, we don’t hate to see it. 2021 has been a three-pronged blur. Life after COVID, hot vax summer and just when we thought we were in the clear, BOOM, he’s back. In our faces. 

COVID is unrelenting and I’m all for persistence, but this is overkill. 

This is a time of great change that is oddly reminiscent of 2019’s transition into the year that we will never forget. Omarion is walking into all of our homes and locking the door.  And for some reason, nobody seems to be phased. “Not again”, the people of the streets are saying. I’m not in the streets, and I would like to think that I am a pro at avoiding this lifestyle. I have seceded my masked Hot Girl Summer for an internship (that I absolutely loved), basketball, and a plate filled from end to end—yes, I am a square plate kind of woman—to make sure I was prepared for this moment. My dedication is unmatched. 

However, this moment may or may not come about. This highly contagious strain is triggering us. It’s scaring the people who have suffered great loss and/or the worst of Rona. It’s not egregious enough to pull the plug on anything, and for once, I have no opinion on the matter. No need to overreact, but as much as we would prefer to turn the page over to the next year, month, week, day, we are living in flux and at the mercy of a cooked piece of fish. And this we do hate to see. 

Somewhere between the moment my life changed for the good and now, there seemed to have been another New Year’s Eve that I probably R&B’d my way through. because it would seem that this past year made up for lost time. Positive twice in a year. A college graduate. A potential college dropout. A host. An opinion writer. A champion. A whole person. 

2022, please be good to us. 

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