Find Your Shore

“We gotta keep pushing, we gotta keep fighting, WE’RE. ALMOST. THERE” 

-the fine men of Theta Nu Theta, Stomp The Yard

You have to keep pushing. You have to keep fighting. You’re almost there. Or so they say. What if you don’t know if you’re almost there? Why keep fighting if you’re punching in the dark? 

We all feel this. But what do we do when it comes along? Many of us stop. We stop pursuing that end goal. I used to hide, or fail to resist the urge to do so. 

You may not know what’s out there, and this is a cry for us to normalize this fact. We panic when we don’t see the shore—for good reason. They say faith—good, wholesome faith in something greater than self—will keep you going. But what they don’t say is that faith requires action towards the end you’re so faithfully wishing for. 

The Stoics speak of having guides. Sacrificing the metaphorical and figurative momentarily, your guide functions like bumper rails in bowling alleys. It keeps the kids and uncoordinated adults on task and illuminates the path to the daunting white pins. The only difference being that guides work for us all. 

The guide in this context is the shore. Sidenote: I have an affinity for sunsets and beach fronts, so forgive my redundant allusions. For you, maybe it’s a penthouse crawling with cats and colorful paintings. Our guides vary in shape and size as they reflect our essence and all of its intricacies. Your guide can be a habit. A jacket. A vacation. Anything motivating you enough to get up out of your bed—or not, passive income and virtual assets are hot now — and chase the prize.

Without a guide, we risk falling into “oblivion of directionlessness”. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t float all too well. We find ourselves disoriented and distraught when there’s nothing lurking on the horizon. The beauty of finding your shore is that you can grab a pen right now (I am a big proponent of writing things down) and sketch it, describe it, color it in, or not, and create the destination for yourself. Waiting for someone else to decide where you want to go and what you want is not the path you want to take. Believe me. 

You have to keep pushing, and fighting, but the reality is that you won’t always know if you’re almost there. You do, however, know that you’re putting one damn foot in front of the other, and sometimes, that’s all that matters. 

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