Last of the Mules

In a beautifully worded article about Simone Biles’ brief hiatus and courageous decision to say “no” when she wasn’t okay, the author wrote, “the last generation of the mules”, when addressing her, mine and Simone’s generation — otherwise known as Gen Z. First, what an image. Secondly, she’s exactly right. We are the people whoContinue reading “Last of the Mules”

Sorry Not Sorry

Dear September,  I’ve exposed the lowlights of our time together in a very public essay (if you can call it that), and I’m wondering why. It was obnoxious, and raw, and disconcerting.  It was the best thing I’ve ever written.  I feel bad, weird, unpleasant, and downright gross about it. Throw some regret in thereContinue reading “Sorry Not Sorry”