Am I A Yogi Yet?

I hate routine but I love my yoga. I started today off on the wrong foot because I worked through the morning and thus, put my yoga off—I swear I couldn’t get myself together. I set my alarm for 6:15 am every morning these days. My first class doesn’t start until 9:10 MWF and 9:35Continue reading “Am I A Yogi Yet?”

I Speak My Truth

“Bold, brazen and straight up savage” -my spirit person  I like that. I attended a series for entrepreneurship on Monday, and the final speaker of the night inspired me to read her book, and she doesn’t have one. The way she spoke, so candidly, assertively, effortlessly—I could have stayed past the three hour mark. I’veContinue reading “I Speak My Truth”

You’re Next

“You’re Next”. Have you seen it? It debuted in 2013, and grossed 26.9 million; I can see why. With a budget of 1 million, I’d say it was damn successful. I love movies, and I hate spoilers, so no alerting necessary. The movie is an interesting play on human motivation, and desire.  We are allContinue reading “You’re Next”