• 100% cotton
  • Fit: oversized
  • No pilling (doesn’t get fuzzy)
  • No shrinkage


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The “frankly aprblem” tee, the first experiment with the mosaic type design, is a physical manifestation of what it is to be APRBLEM: someone who creates their bigger picture with their broken pieces. Frank Ocean and Blond (the album) are the embodiment of wearing your experiences with pride. In 17 tracks, Frank gets uncomfortably honest about his past and in turn, births a work of art that parallels experiences that we’ve all shared at some point.

The simple design, modeled after the cover art, is a direct reminder of how living authentically by embracing the past allows one to not only chase, but to unlock their full potential. The broken ones stamp is just a reminder to this growing community that Frank Ocean—yea, Channel Orange Frank Ocean—is one of us too.



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