You’re Next

“You’re Next”. Have you seen it? It debuted in 2013, and grossed 26.9 million; I can see why. With a budget of 1 million, I’d say it was damn successful. I love movies, and I hate spoilers, so no alerting necessary. The movie is an interesting play on human motivation, and desire.  We are allContinue reading “You’re Next”

Perfectly Imperfect

I should be gearing up for our home opener—the red, white and blue. I should be with my teammates, laughing and enjoying the festivities.  If not that, as I much rather watch football on the tele than in the 90 degree heat, I should stop watching Scandal, but I can’t get enough of Miss PopeContinue reading “Perfectly Imperfect”

*Busy Manifesting*

Opinion in question: Rappers are the best at manifesting. They typically come from the trenches, the trap, the places you probably don’t want to be after a certain time of night, or day. They climb and eventually acquire million dollar homes like the average person can acquire shoes. They go from having very little toContinue reading “*Busy Manifesting*”