You’re Next

“You’re Next”. Have you seen it? It debuted in 2013, and grossed 26.9 million; I can see why. With a budget of 1 million, I’d say it was damn successful. I love movies, and I hate spoilers, so no alerting necessary. The movie is an interesting play on human motivation, and desire.  We are allContinue reading “You’re Next”


It’s the first Sunday of Suicide Prevention Month, and too we’re beginning National Suicide Prevention Week. Suicide: the most permanent of decisions. If you’re reading this, and you have been thinking of agreeing to this kind of decision, there are options. They may seem incredibly distant, but they’re there. It’s imperative that you think thisContinue reading “800-273-8255”

Perfectly Imperfect

I should be gearing up for our home opener—the red, white and blue. I should be with my teammates, laughing and enjoying the festivities.  If not that, as I much rather watch football on the tele than in the 90 degree heat, I should stop watching Scandal, but I can’t get enough of Miss PopeContinue reading “Perfectly Imperfect”